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Out Of Print Searching - Your Books Your Way

Your Books Your Way allows you to conduct an out-of-print search, as profiled or as requested, for any title that is out of print. Your Books Your Way will search these titles on a monthly basis with thousands of out-of-print dealers nationwide. If a title is found, Your Books Your Way will supply the ordered title automatically, assuming it falls within the price range authorized by the library. If no price is authorized, Your Books Your Way will request permission to supply before shipping a located title.

Your Books Your Way out of print service is free of charge. If the library does not request automatic out-of-print searching, it can request this service on a title-by-title basis. Once the customer approves the price of the located title, Your Books Your Way will proceed to furnish this title to the Library.

Your Books Your Way maintains a network of 10,000 out-of-print suppliers with access to over 50 million books.